Teton Therapy Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day

Today we celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day and want to recognize all the great work that our incredible employees provide. Every day they are putting enormous effort into making this company great! Teton Therapy wouldn’t be where it is today without our amazing team. Through countless hours of work and complete dedication to the health and well-being of the people in Wyoming, our employees remain crucial to ensuring that our company stands strong and benefits our communities.

While we’ve already drawn attention to our incredible patients, now it is time to recognize our employees who work every day to make Teton better. Without them, we wouldn’t have the amazing company you see today! These are the people who put in the hustle and grind to make the best experience for our patients. Here are three of the reasons why we’re thankful for all the hard work our employees do.

They value our patients.

Everyone from our billing office to our therapists in each of our Teton clinics is committed to ensuring our patients are heard and pain-free! We appreciate feedback and consider how it will make our company and product better. We value our patients who trust us and allow us to carry out our goal of supporting our community in maintaining healthy and active lifestyles.

They are passionate and dedicated.

Since we operate as a small business, our employees are self-driven, take their work personally, and actively participate in decision-making. They understand their ideas are an important contribution to the company and it gives them the power to influence the outcome of their work. Each team member believes in the work they do and in the success of Teton!

They give back to the community.

At Teton Therapy, we are very fortunate to have such a caring and compassionate group of people that we get to call employees. Throughout the year, our employees spend time giving back by volunteering at local events and organizations benefiting others. The community remains an important aspect of Teton’s overall mission, and we appreciate our employees for their dedication to helping others!

“We would like to start off by saying thank you to the patients who have used our services. However, those services would not be possible if it were not for amazing employees. I am constantly amazed at the dedication and accomplishments of our employees. I admire each and every one of them as they all support each other and create a great place to work. What is the secret for great employees? The most important quality is someone who has an engrained desire to help their fellow man. How can a business fail if all the employees share that quality? So, cheers and hats off to all the great employees of Teton Therapy! We can never state our appreciation enough.”

-Jeff and Michelle McMenamy