Talk in the 10: “Let’s Talk About It”

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    The following letter to the editor was submitted in response to another letter published on June 6 about a book in the Lander Valley High School Library.

    Everybody seems to be so shook up about “Let’s talk about it,” but let’s address this as adults. First off, chapters in the book, to name a few, Body Image, Sexting, safe sex, masturbation, jealousy, and rejection. 


    “Let’s talk about” the real concerning issue. What about the circulating video of (2) grown women, MOMS!! Making out, pulling her boob out in front of 15–18-year-old kids while condoning underage drinking. Yet, “the school Librarian should be held accountable for child abuse of minors for contributing pornographic material” Hmmm. Pretty sure the show that went down that night, kids learned a lot more than you want to know. I wonder how much more happened OFF camera!! “Let’s talk about” the cell phones that kids have in their possession 24/7 with social media (TikTok, Snap Chat, Instagram, Instant message Facebook, etc…). They have access to the internet; do you monitor the phones and what they have access to? It’s a book, it’s available in the library, big deal!! Your kids don’t have to check it out and read it. It’s not being forced in the classroom as a subject to learn in school. “Let’s talk about it” Body Image- let’s get rid of the filters. Sexting, shit, most kids are doing this in front of you or behind your back. Safe sex, I mean, okay, that’s a horrible topic; I mean, let’s continue unsafe sex, teenage pregnancy, and STDs, which therefore turn into teenage suicide. Rejection and jealousy, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

    I think the board members should look at the problems facing our community and children. Substance abuse is on the rise, drug overdoses in our community with kids dying, lack of adequate resources for kids and families, and lack of educators. I mean who wants to work for a board that doesn’t follow their own policies? Maybe instead of worrying about a damn book in the school library, we all learn to treat people with acceptance, kindness, and respect REGARDLESS of race, sexual preference, gender, or religion. Now, that would be a great start. 

    So really, it seems the only thing allowed to be taught in school is being a rich, white, straight person and of some power. Seems the entitled or people of power get to pick and choose what “needs/gets addressed.” 

    In conclusion, today’s society is what is wrong. Most likely, these kids aren’t going to read a book; they have the lovely internet at their fingertips. Pretty sad so many people are offended by this book when really, we have so many other things to worry about in this world and community… “Let’s talk about it.”


    If the library removes this book, Will everyone be satisfied and just SHUT UP already?

    I’m not asking anyone to take my side or agree with me, that’s not what this is about. You all are your own people with your own beliefs and opinions.

    My post may make you angry, but just like you, I have MY opinion also. If you don’t like it, UNFRIEND me.


    Remember, I didn’t comment negatively on your post, so let’s be respectful here. You can keep your hate off my feed.

    Oooh, and HAPPY PRIDE!!!!! 

    Chris Dailey


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