State, local government jobs are economic drivers in Fremont County, says UW Extension study

    A new publication from the University of Wyoming Extension analyzes the key components of employment change over 17 years for Wyoming, each of its counties, and the Rocky Mountain region.

    The publication could help create and retain jobs, said Duane Williams, author of the publication and extension community development specialist.

    “Analyzing employment change through time can provide key insights to a location’s economic health,” said Williams. “In this report, we study employment change from 2001 to 2017. The analysis of these 17 years and 16 periods of change will hopefully provide meaningful information for local community development efforts in Wyoming counties.”

    Below is the study summary for Fremont County:

    Fremont County’s total employment from 2001–17 peaked at 117.2 percent of its 2001 level in 2013. This is lower than both the U.S. (118.5) and Wyoming (123.0) values. It dropped below its starting value 0 times. It had 10 periods of increasing and 6 periods of declining employment. It grew faster than the US 8 times and Wyoming 4 times. Overall, its employment change was moderate when compared to all Wyoming counties, exceeding the average 5 times and recording neither a top nor bottom percentage change. Its mix of industries was positive in 7 of the 16 time periods. Its competitive share was positive 8 times. Over the entire 16 periods of change, Fremont County grew slower than the national average by -1,657 jobs. Its economy is highly concentrated in STATE and LOCAL GOVERNMENT jobs. Over one out every five jobs in the county are in this sector, a rate higher than both the national and state levels. HEALTH CARE and RETAIL TRADE are the next two top sectors.

    The full Fremont County study breakdown can be read by clicking here.

    To read the entirety of Evaluating Key Components of Employment Change 2001–2017 for the Rocky Mountain Region, Wyoming, and its Counties, B-1364, click here.

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