#Snapped: Creative Easter snowmen spotted in Fremont County

A handful of folks got out and enjoyed a snowy Easter Sunday across Wyoming. Areas around Lander saw close to a foot of snow, Riverton saw anywhere from 4.5-9 inches, and both Dubois and Jeffrey City reported 4 inches.

Riverton’s Tony Tolstedt shared his version of a snowman jackalope – a snow-a-lope? 


And, healthcare worker Heather Nielsen shared her decorated snowman in a cowboy hat and the appropriate face mask. Nielsen shared the following message Sunday;

In Wyoming spring fashion, we woke up to a white, snowy Easter. With all the quarantining and social distancing, I too am ready for the warmth of spring and summer to show up anytime. I am back at work at the Lander/Riverton Hospital and want to share with you how proud I am off our local hospitals. The nurses, CNA’s, respiratory therapists, therapy team, house keepers and ALL other staff have sprung into action, adapting and responding to the daily changes we face.

Our local county health officer, Dr. Gee, MD, asked me my thoughts on convincing the community of the seriousness of COVID-19. I thought, let’s continue to bring some awareness to it. Cowboy style.

Frosty wanted to say keep wearing your masks in public, wash your hands and continue with social distancing. This won’t last forever and soon we will be back together with family and friends. For now, I hope this brightens your day.

Disclaimer: no masks were wasted nor cowboy hats dampened!