#Smiles: Lander swimmers begin quest for 24th straight state title

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The LVHS boys will swim at home for the first time this season as they set their sights on a 24th straight 3A state championship.

Action at today’s Lander Invite starts at 4:00 at the Bruce Gresley Aquatic Center.

One of Lander’s largest squads in recent memory has head coach Shawna Morgan, assistant Tim Hester and dive coach Faith Bennigan excited for the 2019-2020 campaign. “We can’t wait to see what our boys accomplish this season,” Morgan says. “We have one of the biggest teams we’ve had in my tenure and all of the boys can swim all four strokes correctly.

“Most of the team came into season in shape and ready to go. Even though we have spent some time working on technique and drills, we have already started interval training. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks before we start that,” explains Morgan.

Last year’s Tiger squad put together a historic season, even by Lander standards. Impressive national-level times highlighted the state meet, but it was the steadiness of the entire roster that helped bring home a 23rd title.

A deep group of seniors step forward to lead the team this season. “We have a strong group who show amazing leadership in and out of the pool,” according to Morgan. “Preston Plaisted is the returning dive champion, so we look for him to continue working hard in the diving well to defend his title. Ryan Brinda and Nick Kulow — both members of two All American relay teams — are back in the mix and looking to defend their individual titles.

“T Whiting has been swimming all summer and every morning before school to get ready for his senior year. We look for him to turn some heads and have people around the state ask, ‘Where did that kid come from!’ Mason Kinney rounds out the senior group. He has qualified in the breastroke every season but has the goal to qualify in more events this year,” Morgan says.

Results from last weekend’s Rawlins Pentathlon suggest that the Tigers are poised for another strong run. LVHS captured the team title and earned six out of the top ten spots individually. Kulow swam to a first-place finish, joined by teammates Brinda (2nd), freshman Dylan Huelskamp (3rd), Plaisted (7th), Whiting (9th) and frosh Brayden Brown (10th).

The Tigers qualified 11 different swimmers in multiple events for February’s state meet in Laramie. “I was extremely happy with how our boys performed last weekend. Our freshmen really stepped up, and it’s evident that they are going to play a huge role in our team’s success this season,” Morgan says.

She notes that a trio of new divers had strong showings as well. “We have three new divers, one who qualified for state already and the other two had an amazing meet. They completed all six dives successfully, which is hard to do the first time around!”

Saturday, Lander will travel to Sweetwater County to compete against a field of 3A and 4A schools at the Green River Invite.

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Rawlins Pentathlon
Dec. 14, 2019

TEAM SCORES: 1. Lander 215, 2. Worland 97, 3. Kemmerer 84, 4. Rawlins 82, 5. Riverton 53, 6. Evanston 45, 7. Douglas 27, T-8. Lyman 23, T-8 Sublette 23

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly (VR): 1. Nick Kulow 56.17, 2. Ryan Brinda 59.06, 3. Dylan Huelskamp 59.51, 4. Brayden Brown 1:00.56, 8. T Whiting 1:02.96, 10. Preston Plaisted 1:04.31, 28. Noah Larson 1:12.44, 31. Colton Wietzki 1:12.97, 34. Ramsey Eckhardt 1:13.64, 42. Ross Anderson 1:18.10, 45. Erik Harms 1:20.04, 46. Elijah Applegate 1:20.37, 58. Mason Kinney 1:27.52, 74. Noah Gist 1:51.10

Boys 50 Yard Butterfly (JV): 13. Logan Wietzki 52.35

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke (VR): 2. Nick Kulow 1:00.23, 3. Ryan Brinda 1:01.37, 4. Brayden Brown 1:02.02, 6. Dylan Huelskamp 1:02.67, 8. Preston Plaisted 1:04.33, 13. T Whiting 1:07.25, 15. Erik Harms 1:07.96, 20. Colton Wietzki 1:08.87, 26. Noah Larson 1:09.81, 35. Ross Anderson 1:13.16, 38. Ramsey Eckhardt 1:13.89, 49. Elijah Applegate 1:16.40, 68. Noah Gist 1:24.78, 72. Mason Kinney 1:26.97, 79. Sonny Robinson 1:32.62

Boys 50 Yard Backstroke (JV): 18. Logan Wietzki 50.13, 19. Carston Wirth 54.18

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle (VR): 1. Nick Kulow 49.61, 2. Ryan Brinda 52.65, 5. T Whiting 54.41, 7. Preston Plaisted 54.91, 8. Brayden Brown 55.03, 11. Dylan Huelskamp 55.36, 23. Colton Wietzki 59.10, 28. Noah Larson 1:00.19, 31. Erik Harms 1:00.39, 34. Ross Anderson 1:00.99, 47. Ramsey Eckhardt 1:04.38, 50. Elijah Applegate 1:05.02, 79. Mason Kinney 1:16.87

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle (JV): 16. Logan Wietzki 1:24.71, 20. Carston Wirth 1:48.16

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle (VR): 1. Nick Kulow 22.60, 5. Ryan Brinda 24.64, 6. T Whiting 24.68, 10. Preston Plaisted 24.88, 11. Dylan Huelskamp 24.99, 17. Brayden Brown 25.46, 24. Colton Wietzki 26.28, 30. Noah Larson 26.65, 34. Ross Anderson 27.12, 36. Erik Harms 27.16, 49. Ramsey Eckhardt 27.76, 67. Elijah Applegate 29.50, 74. Mason Kinney 31.67, 81. Noah Gist 33.45

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle (JV): 18. Logan Wietzki 37.97

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke (VR): 1. Nick Kulow 1:06.20, 5. Ryan Brinda 1:11.71, 6. Dylan Huelskamp 1:12.56, 8. Preston Plaisted 1:13.45, 11. Ross Anderson 1:14.34, 12. T Whiting 1:14.49, 23. Erik Harms 1:19.81, 31. Brayden Brown 1:23.07, 35. Mason Kinney 1:23.96, 36. Colton Wietzki 1:24.22, 48. Noah Larson 1:28.44, 50. Ramsey Eckhardt 1:29.50, 55. Elijah Applegate 1:32.02, 66. Sonny Robinson 1:38.26, 76. Noah Gist 1:48.55

Boys 50 Yard Breaststroke (JV): 11. Logan Wietzki 47.68, 18. Carston Wirth 1:15.10



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