#Smiles: Civil Air Patrol cadets receive promotions, awards

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    (Lander, WY) – On March 11th, five cadets from the Wind River Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol achieved promotions and received awards.

    Squadron Commander Captain Karl Falken shared the following details about the cadet’s achievements.

    C/2Lt Clark Bailey with the Air Force Sergeants Association’s Award to Outstanding Cadet Non-commissioned Officers (NCO). The criteria for this award are best overall cadet NCO, total membership duration. This Award recognizes an enlisted cadet at the squadron level throughout the United States for exceptionally meritorious service or exceptionally outstanding achievement. Cadet Bailey was the First Sergeant for the squadron in 2020 and was outstanding both in his personal achievements and in leading and encouraging the other cadets. This award consists of a medal, ribbon, and certificate and is presented annually at each unit to the outstanding Cadet NCO in the squadron.

    Cadets Ciely Daly and Nicholas Stong completed Achievement 7 and were promoted to C/CMSgt. This achievement is named for Dr. Robert Goddard who ushered in the era of practical space travel in 1926 when he launched the first liquid-fueled rocket.

    h/t Karl Falken – Squadron Commander Capt. Karl Falken and Cadet Commander C/2d Lt Clark A. Bailey promote C/CMSgt Ciely I. Daly with Achievement 7, Dr. Robert Goddard award.

    Cadet Timothy Stong completed Achievement 6 and was promoted to C/SMSgt. This achievement is named for General Jimmy Doolittle an aviation pioneer and military pilot who led the famous Doolittle raid that was the first to bomb the Japanese main islands in WW II.

    h/t Karl Falken – Recruiting Officer 2d Lt Joseph Stong and Cadet Commander C/2d Lt Clark A. Bailey promote C/CMSgt Nicholas Stong with Achievement 7, Dr. Robert Goddard award.

    Cadet Matthew Stong completed Achievement 2 and was promoted to C/A1C. This achievement is named for General Henry “Hap” Arnold, the first military pilot, the founder of the U.S. Air Force, and the only officer to hold a five-star rank in two different U.S. military services.

    Each promotion in rank requires the cadets to complete a rigorous set of requirements that include written tests in leadership and aerospace, practical tests in drill and physical fitness, active participation, and attending courses in character development.

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