Shoshoni ‘strictly enforcing’ curfew law after juvenile issues in June

The Town of Shoshoni will be “strictly enforcing” its curfew rules this month after some “issues” with juveniles that took place in June, police chief Chris Konija said during a town council meeting this week.

He reminded residents under the age of 18 that their curfew is set at 10 p.m. by town ordinance.

Police will make exceptions for minors traveling to and from work, Konija said, but otherwise juveniles shouldn’t be out “walking around after 10.”


He believes strict curfew enforcement will help reverse an increase in thefts that was recorded last month in Shoshoni.

“I do believe that the person responsible was apprehended on an unrelated matter,” Konija said, “but that is part of what we’re trying to address with the curfew violations, as well as being out and about at night.”


There has also been an increase in dog-related problems in Shoshoni, Konija said, warning residents that “if your dog is out and we catch him you’re probably going to get a citation for it.”

“It’s just getting out of control,” Konija said. “I know dogs get out, but the frequency that they’re getting out and barking at night – it needs to be taken care of by the owners.”


Speaking of dogs, Konija said Shoshoni’s new canine officer was deployed three times last month, resulting in one “positive alert.”


The final issue Konija noted this week involves a proliferation of weeds in Shoshoni.

The town sent notices out three weeks ago to residents who have been identified as having problem weeds, Konija said.


If those issues have not been addressed by next week, Konija said “we’re going to take additional action to try and get that taken care of, before it gets out of control with the mosquitoes.”

Uncontrolled weeds make the city’s mosquito spray less effective, he said.

June statistics

One person was arrested for driving under the influence last month in Shoshoni, Konija said, and three people called to report a drunken driver.


Police also responded to two traffic crashes, two traffic complaints, three welfare checks, two animal problems, and one juvenile problem, according to Konija’s report, which also lists two requests for medical assistance, two requests for agency assistance related to probation and parole, four requests for vehicle identification number checks, two warrant arrests, two reports of disorderly conduct, two suspicious person reports, one trespassing report, and two reports of possession of a controlled substance.

For more information call the Town of Shoshoni at 876-2515.


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