Drug detection dog now on duty in Shoshoni

Shoshoni now has an active-duty canine officer.

Sgt. Jeff Leafgreen and his drug-detection dog, Nitro, earned their official certifications this week, and now police chief Chris Konija plans to use them to their “fullest potential in town.”

“I do intend to fully utilize that capability,” Konija said during a Shoshoni Town Council meeting Tuesday.


He also plans to share the resource: The team will be “available to surrounding agencies upon request to assist in the detection of controlled substances,” Konija said.

There is only one other drug detection dog in Fremont County, he noted.

“It is our intent to work in coordination with all agencies on our shared interests of ensuring our communities remain a safe place to live, work and play, free of the negative impact of illicit substance use,” Konija said. “If they have a situation where they need to deploy a canine, they can call us.”

The Town of Shoshoni is in the process of procuring a police vehicle specifically outfitted for a canine unit, he added.

Until then, he said Nitro will ride in the prisoner compartment of Leafgreen’s patrol car.


If the prisoner area is in use, Konija said the dog can sit in a separate compartment.

For more information call 876-2515 or visit the town website.

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