#RivertonBiz: New owners of Riverton Laundromat and Cleaners expand services

    Does your jacket need to be cleaned before temps continue to drop? Did you know that you can drop off that jacket or almost any fabric items requiring special cleaning locally? Well, you can take them over to Riverton Laundromat and Cleaners located at 470 E. Pershing, and get them back within 5 days.

    Maybe your week is busy and you don’t have time to get those ever-growing piles of laundry. Now you can drop off your laundry in the morning and pick up your freshly washed, dried, and folded clothes in the evening.

    “We all felt this was a business that was a needed thing for our community,” shared one of the new owners Skye Coleman-Weisz. “Especially opening the cleaners to more items. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say they had no idea there was a Cleaners in Riverton, or even Fremont County.”

    h/t Skye Coleman-Weisz

    The cleaning services have been expanded to almost all kinds of fabrics including suits, wedding dresses, and “just about everything that a conventional dry cleaning business does.”

    Skye explained that this is technically a wet clean business instead of dry clean. Meaning water and detergent are added to a specifically made, computer-controlled machine along with the garments. The clothing can then be agitated extremely gently and/or dried at a very specific temperature, allowing the cleaners to completely customize the wet cleaning process for each item. Wet cleaning uses eco-friendly detergents and which makes the fabric softer when compared to dry cleaning. Colors may also retain their vibrancy due to not using harsh solvents.

    Cleaning Service Prices:

    • Shirt – $5.25
    • Pants – $5.50
    • Heavy Starch – $1.00 an item
    • Suit (Cotton) – $20-25 (depending on if it’s lined)
    • Suit (Wool) – $30-35 (depending on if it’s lined)
    • Wedding Dresses – $200+ (depending on the amount of layers and material)
    • Bedding & Curtains – $15+ (depending on materials, i.e. down, wool, cotton, rayon, etc…)
    h/t Skye Coleman-Weisz

    The wash, dry, and fold service has a 10lbs minimum and costs $1.95/lb. “For most folks that 10Lb minimum is about a week of clothes per color, so $19.95 approximately for a week worth of clothing for most families,” Skye explained.

    If you prefer to do your own laundry, the many coin-op machines are still there and ready to be used. You can stay up-to-date with the services offered on the Riverton Laundromat and Cleaners Facebook page.

    h/t Skye Coleman-Weisz

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