Riverton man faces felony charges for escaping detention, eluding officers

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

(Riverton, WY) – 47-year-old Riverton man Jon Treadway faces two felony and four misdemeanor charges for incidents occurring on or around August 31st and September 16th.

Treadway has been charged with three interference with a peace officer misdemeanor charges, one fleeing or attempting to elude police officers misdemeanor charge, one interference with a peace officer felony charge, and one escape from official detention felony charge.


Treadway was initially charged for the August 31st incident after he failed to yield for a traffic stop and fled law enforcement, ultimately having to be stopped with traffic spikes. When Treadway was transported to an area hospital, he reportedly became violent to the point that a taser was deployed.

Treadway was charged for the second incident on September 16th, when it was reported that he fled the Fremont County Justice Center after being informed that he was being arrested for a warrant. The pursuit resulted in a foot chase, CS gas (2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile) being administered when Treadway wouldn’t come out of hiding, and a second foot chase that resulted the use of a taser and an officer sustaining a shoulder fracture.

Treadway waived his preliminary hearing and the case will move on to District Court, with an arraignment date set for November 23rd.

On August 31st, at approximately 2:15 AM, a patrolling Riverton Police Department (RPD) officer observed a vehicle leaving an area bar, taking a wide turn and crossing the dividing line.


The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop but the vehicle drove away, rapidly accelerating to an estimated 60 MPH in a 40 MPH zone.

As the vehicle made its way to Rendezvous Road, the Wind River Police Department (WRPD) was notified, but after a brief pursuit the vehicle re-entered Riverton city limits where it was successfully stopped with traffic spikes.

The passengers were were detained by gunpoint by RPD, WRPD and Fremont County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) officers.


Treadway “appeared to be in an extremely agitated/manic state and sweating profusely,” also shouting “both my arms are broken.”

An open bottle of alcohol was located in the vehicle, and WRPD advised that a plastic bag was thrown from the vehicle, but not recovered, during pursuit.

When taken to the Riverton Police Department a blood test was ordered due to Treadway’s actions “being consistent with the use of controlled substances,” but he refused the test.


While this occurred, Treadway stated that he was diabetic and required insulin, and again complained that his arms were broken.

Treadway was then transported to an area hospital, but refused to comply and sign the warrant.

Officers attempted to gain control of Treadway to allow ER staff to draw the blood, but he became combative, kicking one officer in the chest and another in the groin.

An officer deployed his taser and drive stunned Treadway in the lower back.

Treadway briefly calmed down and stated that he would allow the blood to be drawn.

When his right arm was uncuffed, Treadway blocked the nurses attempt to draw blood, and began to “scream and fight” with law enforcement and hospital staff, who continued to hold him in place.

Treadway then reportedly attempted to grab the nurse, at which point one officer delivered a “closed fist strike” to the side of his face.

The officer then attempted to apply the taser a second time, but Treadway rolled away, pushing the taser into the officer’s thigh.

Another officer then delivered two “closed fist strikes” to Treadway’s face, allowing the tased officer to successfully apply handcuffs.

After the nurse conducting the blood test stated “I’m not doing this,” officers “deemed it an unnecessary risk to ER staff” and discontinued attempts to attain the blood.

It is unknown how long Treadway was detained for this initial incident.

On September 15th, Treadway entered the Fremont County Riverton Justice Center, stating that he needed to “go to the Clerk of Circuit Court to sign some papers.”

While this occurred, a Justice Center deputy was informed that Treadway had a warrant issued for his arrest.

When the deputy told Treadway that he was under arrest, he replied “I can’t go to jail I just had surgery!” and ran out of the Justice Center.

Treadway fled across the Center parking lot, where he then jumped a fence and took off into a field.

The deputy pursued as far as the end of the parking lot, but stopped knowing that he was the only deputy at the Justice Center.

The deputy witnessed Treadway jump another fence, but eventually lost sight of him.

Law enforcement was made aware of the direction Treadway was running, and his vehicle was eventually impounded.

The next day, September 16th, patrol officers noticed a vehicle parked in front of Treadway’s Riverton home, which had not been there during earlier surveillance.

Contact with the vehicle’s registered owner was then made, and he was instructed to exit the house, along with another female who was found to be inside the house as well.

Law enforcement then learned the man rented a room from Treadway, who the man then claimed had “climbed into the attic through the attic access door located in the ceiling of the bathroom.”

The female would not confirm if Treadway was in the residence, but officers were able to detect him in the attic.

Treadway did did not exit the attic after “multiple lawful orders to do so,” and reportedly threatened to burn the residence down and kill himself.

After approximately one hour of negotiation, CS gas was administered into the home.

Treadway eventually exited the house through a vent, and was immediately taken into official custody by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office.

Treadway was then transported to a Lander hospital to obtain the medical clearance necessary to admit him into the Fremont County Detention Center.

Medical clearance was obtained, but while Treadway was uncuffed to sign his paperwork, he reportedly “physically pushed the emergency nurse backwards” and ran out of the emergency room area, through the admissions room, and out of the hospital.

While fleeing, Treadway fell to the ground, at which point the pursuing officer deployed his taser.

The taser shot missed and the pursuit continued until the officer “slipped on the wet grass near the parking lot,” resulting in a complete fracture to the ball joint in his left shoulder.

Treadway eluded officers until the next day on September 17th, when a Lander Police Department (LPD) located him at an intersection in town.

Treadway fled the area, running down a hill and across a bridge near the Popo Agie River, but was eventually located hiding in the storage shed of a nearby residence.

Treadway was then arrested by the LPD officers and transported to the Fremont County Detention Center without further incident.

Treadway’s arraignment date has been set for November 23rd.

The maximum penalty for an interference with a peace officer misdemeanor charge is a $1,000 fine and one year imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for a fleeing or attempting to elude police officers misdemeanor charge is a $750 fine and six months imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for an interference with a peace officer felony charge is 10 years imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for an escape from official detention felony charge is a $3,000 fine and three years imprisonment.

County 10 will provide more information on the case as it becomes available, which can be found here.


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