President Donald Trump announces his support of a Wyoming gubernatorial candidate

    President Donald Trump tweeted this morning about the Wyoming race for governor.

    Trump announced that his support was behind Jackson-based businessman Foster Friess. On August 8th, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. also announced his endorsement of Friess with a letter to the media. 

    The governor race has been hotly contested, in particular in the last couple weeks leading up to today’s primary. Most recent polls have four top contenders for the Republican party: Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon, Attorney Harriet Hageman, Businessman Sam Galeotos, as well as Friess. Physician Taylor Haynes and Businessman Bill Dahlin are also running for the Republican nomination.


    The Democratic candidates running include former Minority Leader of the Wyoming House of Representatives, Mary Throne, Rex Wilde who also ran in 2010, Ken Casner who also ran in 2002, and Michael Allen Green, a nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000.

    Veterinarian Rex Rammell is running as a member of the Constitution Party.

    Polls will remain open until 7:00 p.m. across the state Tuesday. County 10 will post results as soon as we know them.


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