People in the 10: Team Hopper


    Wind River Country is filled with unique people with diverse backgrounds. People in the 10 is a County 10 series that shares just a small piece of the stories that make up our community.

    (Shoshoni, WY) — Team Hopper recently made a big splash at the Riverton Jackalope Jump and may have lost a wig or two in the process. They jumped for a family member of one of their own, which, to them, made it even more impactful.

    A tight-knit group, Team Hopper consisted of the owners, employees, and their families of the Shoshoni-based Hopper Metal/Hopper Disposal.

    Owner Mike Dimick told County 10 that Hopper Metals was born around 14 years ago after he moved to Wyoming from Utah.

    In the beginning, it was just scrap metal. Then, as markets changed and opportunities changed, they diversified into the garbage side of things, and that was when Hopper Disposal came to fruition.

    “Over that 14 years, we’ve just grown the scrap, we’ve grown the garbage, we’ve grown the recycling aspect of what we do,” he said.

    Like numerous businesses, they don’t have enough help. They’re primarily interested in Fremont County and have a tire shredding operation that takes them around the state to various landfills and other entities—their metal ships typically to Utah or Colorado for recycling.

    It’s a bizarre thing to drive through Shoshoni and think, why is there a scrap yard in the middle of the desert? There’s no scrap, but at our yard, there are several 1,000 tons.

    -Mike Dimick

    They’ve treated their Shoshoni yard more like a hub – several spokes that go as far as the Billings, MT border.

    Something new they have been working on is how to give back, but they need community help.

    “We are good at moving waste streams,” Mike said. “Then we can provide some of the containers, some of the equipment, and then the helping hands to help facilitate.”

    Mike also serves on the Shoshoni Town Council, and he and his wife, DJ, are volunteer firefighters with the Shoshoni Volunteer Fire Department. This gives them the frontline opportunity at times to see what will be needed.

    In the middle of discussions with the mayor about how they could help Hudson with some community cleanup, Mike got a call that a house was on fire. DJ was with him, so the two headed to the Hudson Fire Hall and hopped on a truck to help do what they could without their gear.

    Mike is in year seven, and DJ is in year eight for the Shoshoni Volunteer Fire Department.

    We’ve had some good experiences and we’ve had some of those life-saving moments, and some of the devastating moments. -Mike Dimick

    As previously mentioned, he sits on the Shoshoni Town Council. This is his fourth year, so he is up for re-election this year and is undecided about running again.

    He shared it’s been interesting to see the things that happen behind the scenes to the very public things. He also noted that the Shoshoni Council “has come a long way.” They’re at a place where there’s not nearly as much controversy.

    Mike shared he enjoys being able to help the communities, and that it’s been a good experience.

    It’s good to see progress in the town. -Mike Dimick

    Learn more about Hopper Metals/Hopper Disposal here or by calling 307-851-9521.

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