Penn thanks HD33 voters who ‘put their faith in me’

    When Sarah Penn saw the unofficial results showing she’d been elected to Wyoming House District 33 on Tuesday, she said she experienced “various emotions rather quickly.”

    “I was elated that all of our hard work was rewarded, (and) grateful that the good people of this district have chosen to put their faith in me,” Penn said.

    “I also began to feel the magnitude of responsibility that comes with being a good representative.”


    She said her calendar is already “filling up with opportunities for training and discussions with constituents” in preparation for her first legislative session in 2023.

    “I will do all within my power to keep the promises made during my campaign – to stand up for the cause of liberty, to hear the voice of the people, and to do my best to find ways to address the needs of the people in a way that will actually produce results,” she said.

    Part of her strategy will involve ensuring that state legislators take time to discuss the bills that are important to her constituents, she said.

    “One of the reasons I chose to run was because many of the bills I was concerned about were getting killed, sometimes without even any discussion,” she said. “Those bills were brought because constituents cared about that issue. For them to be killed without discussion is a travesty.


    “I hope that I can be one more vote to help move our legislature in a direction that puts the basics back at the forefront and allows our people to thrive in freedom. The concerns of the people need to be addressed in a way that will actually produce results, not just offer empty promises.”

    For more information visit Penn’s campaign website.


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