Pathfinder High School’s graduation is scheduled for June 12th

Pathfinder High School (PHS) graduation ceremony will be in the Bill Bush Memorial Stadium on June 12th at 6:00 pm.

Below are full details of this year’s ceremony shared by PHS Principal Ceatriss Wall:

15 students are set to graduate and will be seated 7.5 feet apart on the track in front of the stage. Students who have not met the academic requirements prior to June 11, 2020 at 10:00 am will not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.


Each graduate will receive 6 tickets and the groups of 6 will be spaced out in the stadium seats skipping rows and maintaining 6 feet between groups with assigned sections in the bleachers.  Parents/families will be given a specific time to arrive (1-3:  5:05; 4-6 5:15; 7-9 5:25; 10-12 5:35; 13-15 5:45) and ushers will escort to their seats, again keeping 6 feet apart.  Ticket sections were chosen randomly for all graduates. Handicap seating is available for those who need it.  There are no public restrooms available.

Board members will be spaced out in chairs on the stage and track, again maintaining 6 feet apart.  PHS Staff will have assigned seating in the bleachers.

The stage will face the graduates and the bleachers. Graduates will be called up onto the stage one at a time to receive their diploma.

Severe Inclement weather will result in a drive-through graduation.  Those details will be released at a later time if needed.


After the ceremony, students will exit the stadium and no gathering (celebration with food, etc) will occur at Lander Valley High School.

Guests who have flu-like symptoms will be encouraged not to attend.  All people present will be encouraged to wear masks that cover the mouth and nose.

A professional photographer will take pictures of the students after they receive their diploma as the student is exiting the stage. 


Graduation Practice – Thursday, June 11 at 10:00 am.  We ask that only graduates attend and practice social distancing. 

Graduates should arrive at the tennis courts adjacent to the stadium no later than 5:15 pm on Friday, June 12.  Don’t forget your cap, gown, Stohl, and tassel!

County 10 and NFHS will live stream the event.


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