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Dear Editor,

Lloyd Larsen. Is he really FOR the people in his district? The House Bills speak for themselves, folks. Let’s take a look, shall we?



This is an extensive appropriations bill. A lot, actually too much to go into here, so let’s just take a look at a couple of Mr. Larsen’s votes:

Lloyd Larsen voted AGAINST 3,000,000 to be appropriated for the property tax reform program. So it seems Lloyd Larsen does not care about your taxes shooting up to all-time highs. Lloyd Larsen voted AGAINST decreasing the amount of spending in a transfer from the general fund to the legislative stabilization reserve account. More and more wasteful spending.

HJ0003   Runoff elections-constitutional amendment.


A JOINT RESOLUTION to amend the time and process for the legislature to reapportion its members in order to accommodate holding primary elections in May and subsequent runoff elections as necessary.

Lloyd Larsen voted AGAINST run-off elections, and this is how Mark Gordon got into office WHEN HE DID NOT HAVE 50% OF THE VOTE, THERE WAS, NO RUN-OFF.

HB0023    Agricultural land qualifications-annual gross revenues.


An ACT relating to taxation and revenue; amending qualifications relating to classifying parcels of land as agricultural land for purposes of ad valorem taxation.  This bill increases the income requirement for land to qualify as agricultural land from I believe $500 to $5,000. Lloyd Larsen voted FOR this bill! Oh wait, good for the rich landowner, bad for the little guy.

HB0040     Judges-housing allowance.

AN ACT relating to courts; authorizing the award of housing assistance to judges and justices as specified; and providing for an effective date. Justices of the supreme court and judges of the district courts, chancery courts and circuit courts may receive housing assistance if the judge or justice resides in a county in Wyoming where the average cost of housing is significantly higher than the statewide population weighted average cost of housing. WHAT???


So where is this money to give to judges who decide to live in a county that is more expensive coming from? Why would any sane person do this? Do I get more money in my social security check because I may live in say Lander rather than Rawlins? DO YOU?

Lloyd Larsen voted FOR giving extra money to judges if they choose to live high and prosperous.

HB0096    State officials’ salary.

An ACT relating to state elected officials’ salaries; increasing the salaries for state elected officials following the 2022 general election; providing for current salaries; providing appropriations. We all remember this one. Public servants giving themselves huge salary increases:

Governor – $105,000.00  to $140,000.00

Secretary of State – $92,000.00  to $125,000.00

State Auditor – $92,000.00 to $125,000.00

State Treasurer – $92,000.00 to $125,000.00

Supt. of Public Instruction – $92,000.00 to $125,000.00

Yes, of course Lloyd Larsen voted FOR this. Let’s also show you the sponsor and co-sponsor(s) so you will know who the money hungry are in the group.  Sponsor: Representative Nicholas. Co-Sponsor(s) Representative Yin, Senator(s) Driskill, Gierau, Perkins and Rothfuss.

SF0051   Fairness in Women’s Sports

An ACT relating to school sports; prohibiting biological males from athletic teams and sports designated for females in public schools and establishing related causes of action. Yes, Lloyd Larsen voted AGAINST this senate file. He thinks it is ok for boys in girls bathrooms, locker rooms and sports!

HB0118    Prohibiting Mask Discrimination for Covid-19  

An ACT relating to public health and safety; prohibiting discrimination based on the used or non-use of facial coverings the purpose of preventing COVID-19. 

Lloyd Larsen voted AGAINST this bill, WHICH MEANS HE VOTED FOR HEALTHCARE MANDATES. He decided to go against the Republican Platform Pledge. Oh wait……. Mr Larsen decided NOT TO SIGN HIS REPUBLICAN PLATFORM PLEDGE.  That must be because he votes with the Democrat Party 80% of the time. That’s right folks – 80% of the time!  I don’t understand why he is not a registered Democrat, do you?

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  Please remember folks it does not matter if a Bill or File was passed.  It matters how MEMBERS OF THE LEGISLATURE VOTED!

Everyone please remember-do your research.  Look up each of the bills above at wyoleg.gov


Karen Wetzel


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