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Dear Editor,

I’m glad to live in rural Fremont County for many reasons, not the least of which is feeling I am well represented by my legislators at the Capitol in Cheyenne. I would urge my fellow county residents to support our incumbents for office.


The mailers being sent on behalf of House District 33 candidate Sarah Penn are wrong, misrepresent nearly everything about Andi LeBeau, and are clearly coming from a Political Action Committee from Virginia that knows nothing about Wyoming or our House District.

Moreover, in the primary election, we saw a number of mailers sent to Wyoming voters coming from out of state PACs whose interest in our elections can only be guessed. In many of those races, the candidates ostensibly helped by the mailers clearly and roundly denounced them, saying their campaign had nothing to do with the negativity and they, as Wyoming candidates, wouldn’t support the kind of smear campaigns those mailers represented.

By contrast, even though there have been multiple negative, smear-style mailers sent against incumbent LeBeau and supporting Penn, candidate Penn hasn’t said a word. Not only has Penn not denounced the negative campaigning, she has accepted and proudly touts on her Facebook page an endorsement from the Virginia group who sent those mailers.

Why any candidate for the Wyoming Legislature should care about the endorsement of an out-of-state group with no representation in Wyoming is a question in itself. But even more is why we, as voters and residents of this community, should be represented by someone who appears to care more about winning at all costs than about having the kind of integrity it takes to run a positive, policy-based campaign. At the end of the day, Andi LeBeau is the only candidate who will truly represent House District 33 and our interests, as she has done for the past four years.


Sabrina King


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