One dead following May 4 crash in Jeffrey City

    (Jeffrey City, WY) – A one-vehicle crash that occurred on May 4 resulted in one death, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol preliminary report posted on May 8.

    The deceased has been identified as 62-year-old Wyoming man Kevin Robinette.

    The crash took place on and around US 287 / WY 789 near milepost 22.8, and was reported around 1:30 PM.


    The report states that Robinette was driving on a westbound, unnamed dirt road in Jeffrey City, when he then turned southbound into a large chain-link perimeter fence of a local hotel.

    Robinette then drove south through a field and impacted a wooden fence within the property, the report goes on to say.

    Robinette’s truck then reportedly ran over a large boulder and several 50-gallon metal drums before impacting the east-most hotel room.

    Robinette’s truck continued to travel through the room and crossed WY 789/US 287, where his truck impacted the southbound right-of-way fence near milepost 22.8.


    The vehicle continued through a field and then impacted another private barbed wire fence located on the south side of 2288 WY 789.

    At this point his truck collided with the garage door of a metal storage building on the property, where it then made impact with an RV.

    Robinette’s truck finally came to rest after pushing the RV through the northern wall of the building.


    The report states no seat belt was in use, and that “speed” and “other” were listed as possible contributing factors.

    There have been 25 deaths reported on Wyoming roadways in 2024.


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