National Museum of Military Vehicles pays tribute to Vietnam veterans in new video

    (Dubois, WY) – The National Museum of Military Vehicles has launched a poignant new video series, “Founders Forum.” The inaugural episode, hosted by the museum’s founder, Dan Starks, delves into the diverse and often misunderstood experiences of Vietnam veterans, both during and after the war.

    In this powerful and educational video shared at the bottom of this post, Starks speaks directly to Vietnam veterans, their families, and the general public, highlighting the intense combat experiences faced by American soldiers in Vietnam. The episode sheds light on the formidable opponents faced by U.S. troops, including the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Regular Army, and the unique challenges of jungle, tunnel, and urban warfare.

    Starks emphasizes the veterans’ success on the battlefield despite being “fish out of water” in unfamiliar combat environments. He also touches on the lack of preparation American soldiers had for jungle warfare, and the varied and difficult combat scenarios they had to adapt to rapidly.


    The video also addresses the heavy cost of war, including the physical and emotional trauma suffered by the veterans. Stark presents staggering statistics about the casualty rate among Americans deployed to Vietnam, including those affected by Agent Orange and post-traumatic stress disorder, painting a sobering picture of the war’s long-term impact.

    Starks criticizes the treatment of Vietnam veterans upon their return to the U.S., highlighting the lack of recognition and the negative reception many faced. He stresses the importance of acknowledging and honoring their service and sacrifices, a mission central to the National Museum of Military Vehicles.

    As part of the museum’s commitment to education and honoring military service, this video
    serves as a powerful tool to enlighten viewers about the complexities and sacrifices of Vietnam veterans. It is a call to action for public recognition and respect for these veterans, ensuring their stories and sacrifices are not forgotten.

    The National Museum of Military Vehicles invites all to visit and learn more about the history and valor of Vietnam veterans, ensuring their legacy is preserved and honored for generations to come.



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