Mayoral Candidate: Ron Ankeny

(Shoshoni, WY) – County 10 contacted all the mayoral candidates across the County to ask them a few questions.

Former town councilman Ron Ankeny is running for Shoshoni mayor. He has lived in Shoshoni since 1981, and is retired from the school district.

Below is a Q&A transcript of our interview, which has been edited for clarity and length.


County 10: What prompted you to run for mayor?
Ron Ankeny:
I was on the council, and then I became extremely ill. I was diagnosed with colon cancer, so I resigned from the council because of how serious the illness was. So, I feel like I have an unfulfilled obligation to the community to follow through with what I was elected to do the first time around.

C10: What will you bring to the table as mayor?
I think more transparency on how decisions are reached. Make improvements where there are no additional costs to the constituents. Working with stakeholders in the community toward improvements and building bridges for the betterment of everyone.

C10: What changes would you like to see in Shoshoni?
The first change I want is a more cohesive governing body. Improve the aesthetics, and maximize use out of the town plaza.

C10: What challenges do you foresee in making those changes?
I think everybody’s on board with those because it’s a continuation of what the current governing body is doing. I think most people are on board with that. There are some people that want no change whatsoever. And that’s okay. If they envision Shoshoni as a retirement community, that’s fine. 

C10: What do you believe is the most pressing issue facing Town Council this year?
To get a cohesive working team.


C10: What is one thing you wish people knew about Shoshoni?
When you drive through Shoshoni, it looks old because it is. A lot of the housing was built to be temporary. It was built with the dam in mind during all the construction. In spite of what the town looks like, there are a lot of really, really good people and a fantastic school system. The Senior Center is also great.

C10: Anything else you’d like to share?
Not at this time.

Additional questions and answers can be found here on the League of Women Voters Fremont County Primary Election Voter Guide.

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