Local to be featured in HBO show with Jason Momoa; episode airing Thursday

    (Riverton, WY)Jason Keen, owner of Pure Quill Tattoo in Riverton, will be making his TV debut with actor Jason Momoa in the HBO series On the Roam. It’s episode three in the series and airs tomorrow, Jan. 25.

    Keen, a local artist of many trades, makes knives in the episode with his friend and well-known bladesmith, Terry Shanks.

    Filmed a few years ago in Fort Worth, Texas. Momoa had reached out to Keen through Instagram to purchase a trench knife he and Shanks had made, but it had already sold. Instead, Momoa invited the two to partake in the show he was working on, which turned out to be On the Roam. They agreed.


    The trench knife they made, and Momoa wanted to purchase, was from a single piece of steel. They’re normally made from two. So, they headed to Fort Worth, streamlined their process for making them, and filmed their episode.

    Below is the trailer for the series. Keen can be seen at about the 40-second mark.

    You can check out Keen’s work on Instagram and Facebook.


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