Lander local took 3rd in national physique championship

    (Lander, WY) – Breeanna Hildner took the stage for the very first time this past weekend in the 2022 NPC Idaho Cup Championship and took third in the Figure – True Novice category.

    Hildner, an LVHS class of 2008 grad, has been on a two-year weight loss journey – losing 100 pounds. She is also a recovering addict.

    “I’m a recovering addict, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to grow somewhere else,” she said about the show.


    Her main goal with this show was to step on stage and see if she liked it.

    “Now I’m hooked, and I plan on doing more shows,” she continued. “I plan on taking some state records next year and competing in 2024.”

    This was the second hardest thing she’s done.

    “There is a lot of self-discipline, commitment. There are days where you want to cry, you want to fight. The inner demons, the mentality of it was hard. The second hardest thing I’ve ever had to do besides getting sober.”


    It’s something she recommends.

    “It’s definitely a journey, and I would recommend it to anyone lost in life, like a recovering addict or somebody who wants to lose weight or it’s just a target, it’s a goal. And you just work hard for it, like it makes yourself proud.”

    As part of the competition, she won a tiara, which she is excited about. She also got to meet some cool and interesting people at the show.


    Hildner trains at Anytime Fitness in Lander and at MetaForm Fitness in Meridian, Idaho.


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