Keep your kids on the right track with family time at the fair

From snow cones, rodeos, and hog wrestling in the mud to the payoff from months of hard work raising and showing animals… Nothing embodies the spirit of summer quite like a day spent at the County Fair.

It’s a great time to talk to your kids about substance abuse and let them know they don’t have to be impaired to have a good time. Your words and actions matter. Parent disapproval is the #1 reason kids don’t drink or do drugs. Lead by example and let the fun begin!

Fair week is an excellent time to bond as a family and use your Sources of Strength. Family support, healthy activities, and positive friends are all spokes on the Sources of Strength wheel.


The Fremont County Fair and Heritage Festival include a long list of healthy activities for friends and families. Get a rush from a carnival ride or wrestle a pig in the mud for that burst of adrenaline.

Fremont Ninja Warrior anyone? Not an adrenaline junkie? There are several family-friendly activities happening as well. For a full list of events at the fair, click here.

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