From firefighter to physician

    Some people grow up knowing exactly what they want to be when they grow up, others spend their life trying to figure it out.

    For Dr. Jones it took a career as a fireman to find his calling. “I was a firefighter in Casper, Wyoming before I decided to go to med school,” explained Richard Jones, M.D. of SageWest Medical Group. “On many occasions I got to work around physicians and patients. I really enjoyed the people, the atmosphere and admired the healing aspect of their job. That’s when I decided to go to medical school.”

    Med school led to a specialty in Internal Medicine, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and sleep medicine. Today, Jones is a Primary Care Physician and the Medical Director of the Sleep Lab at SageWest Health Care. He and his colleague Jeffrey Polito, MD have extensive training and experience in the treatment and diagnosis of sleep disorders.

    As a Primary Care Physician for 19 years, Dr. Jones is able to see his patients year after year to treat and assess their wellness. “The medical field is a complex and every-changing world,” explained Dr. Jones. “A good primary care physician should always be well-rounded and up-to-date on current guidelines and evaluations.”

    Dr. Jones encourages all families and individuals to find a physician that has the expertise for their particular needs but also one they can trust for years to come. “A physician that you see year after year can have a significant advantage in prevention and treatment of illness,” said Dr. Jones.

    Richard Jones, M.D. is available for appointment at Wind River Clinic in Riverton. Dr. Jones has availability to assist patients with sleep lab disorders as well as endoscopy needs, including colonoscopy screenings.

    Call 307.857.3488 or visit 1005 College View Drive, Riverton to schedule.


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