Fremont County Public Health Officer answers COVID-19 questions

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Fremont County Public Health Officer Brian Gee’s response to Frequently asked Questions about the current situation. 

Question: Are there estimates as to how many cases of Covid 19 might be in the community. 


Answer: There are currently several upper respiratory illnesses circulating in the community that may include the flu, viral colds, and other viruses as well as the possibility of Covid 19. Investigations by Public Health Officials into the current, confirmed Fremont County cases suggest a community source of the Covid 19 virus causing the initial illness within the Showboat Retirement Center. Healthcare providers are following established protocols to issue advice and care instructions to each individual on a case by case basis. Increased tracking by public health officials is ongoing to help identify potential cases of Covid 19 in individuals that don’t present with definite symptoms. Because of numerous individuals presenting with milder symptoms, patients are being asked by Healthcare providers to self-isolate at home because of a potential Covid 19 infection, even if not confirmed by testing. 

Question: It has been said that Fremont County only has 40 test kits for Covid 19. 

Answer: Each healthcare provider manages their own supply of test kits and the exact number is unknown at this time but testing supplies are limited. Healthcare providers and public health officials are working diligently on options to increase testing capabilities. Officials are hopeful that testing capacity will be increased significantly in the near future. 

Question: Is it true that Fremont County is running out of PPE (Personal protective equipment) 

Answer: While supplies are somewhat limited, Providers currently have sufficient supplies. The Fremont County Emergency Incident Management team is working with Public Health Officials and the Central Wyoming Healthcare Coalition to process requests for PPE and supplies. More PPE items and supplies are currently on the way to Fremont County.