Fremont County Law Enforcement Foundation now accepting donations

    Members of the newly formed Fremont County Law Enforcement Foundation introduced themselves to the Riverton City Council this week, inviting local law enforcement officials to apply for financial assistance through the nonprofit offshoot of the Step Up Riverton organization.  

    The FCLEF can provide funding for anything from moving expenses to equipment purchases and more, FCLEF President Brett Johnson told the council during a regular meeting Tuesday.

    “It’s going to be such a wide range of things that they can apply for,” he said. “(They just) fill out a one- or two-page application and get the money quickly. …


    “That is our whole purpose – to get this money to who needs it right away.”

    FCLEF secretary Natasha Hatfield-Peck said the organization’s goal is to “help and aid any law enforcement in Fremont County – because they need (to) be safe and take care of our community and build community pride.”

    She encouraged every resident to consider contributing at least $5 to the effort, noting that, with about 10,000 people in Riverton, those donations would amount to a total of $50,000.

    “We would appreciate your support with this foundation … so everybody can have an investment and skin in the game to support their law enforcement officers,” Hatfield-Peck said.

    Johnson, who previously worked as a law enforcement officer, recalled that, “a lot of times … you don’t have what you need.”


    “We know it’s a hard job,” he said. “We know it’s hard to get people in those positions. … We’re just trying to make our community a lot safer.”

    For more information follow the FCLEF Facebook group, or visit their website to make a donation.


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