Fremont County has highest number of equine West Nile virus cases, says Wyoming Livestock Board

    (Fremont County, WY) – As of September 7, Wyoming Livestock Board Animal Health has been notified of 50 equine neurologic cases in Wyoming, with one case of Texas origin. These horses have presented with posterior paresis, ataxia, or in sternal or lateral recumbency. Affected horses have had minimal to no vaccination history. 

    Of these cases, 46 have had diagnostic tests submitted for neurologic diseases. Of the 46 horses tested, 30 have been confirmed as West Nile virus (WNV) positive, 14 have been WNV negative, and 2 have tests pending. The highest number of cases have been reported from Fremont County. 

    The 4 horses with no diagnostic testing showed neurologic clinical signs consistent with other horses in the outbreak.


    NOTE: State-funded testing for WNV was discontinued on September 1. 

    Vaccination for WNV is recommended. The WLSB recommends updating lapsed equine vaccinations and encourages equine owners to keep equine vaccinations current per the manufacturer’s label. 


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