Falken announces candidacy for Clerk of District Court

(Hudson, WY) – On June 11, 2022, at the candidate forum sponsored by Chuck Gray at the Hudson Town Hall, Karl Falken announced his candidacy for the Fremont County Clerk of District Court. He gave three reasons for running:

  1. Respected party leaders asked me to run
  2. I am qualified for the office and have a long history and strong interest in serving my community
  3. The voters deserve a choice of good candidates

He elaborated on his qualifications for the office: The statutory requirements are that the candidate be an elector (registered voter) in Fremont County and that they receive a majority of votes in their party’s primary and then the general election. “I believe I can meet those qualifications,” he said. Furthermore, the position requires
excellent record keeping skills, interaction with other government agencies and good management of staff. “As a mechanical engineer, I have 35 years of professional experience managing both paper archives and electronic records, with both military and commercial experience in security. I have also worked successfully with customers, vendors, government agencies and volunteer organizations with good success. Moreover, I have
managed up to 30 direct reports in all phases from hiring through training and development and, when necessary, termination.”

Candidate Falken explained his vision for the district court is based on his personal experience with other district courts, the exemplatry model of Marilyn Burgess’ district court in Houston, Harris County, Texas (where he moved from in 2017), and Wyoming district courts such as Sheridan and Laramie Counties which have already transitioned to electronic records management using FullCourt. (The Wyoming Supreme Court allowed this
starting in 2020.) Drawing on his decades of experience in the highly competitive manufacturing sector, he hopes to bring higher levels of efficiency, reliability, quality control, lower costs, shorter turn-around times and responsive customer service to the office.


“Win or lose,” he added, “my candidacy stimulates discussion and gives the voters a choice. That’s my part. A good vote is an informed vote. That’s the voter’s duty, to make an informed decision.” He reminds registered voters that the 16 th of this month is primary election day in Wyoming, and that is when voters have the most influence on an election and the best choices of candidates.

Karl Falken is a lifelong Republican who has served as a precinct committeeman since 2016, been a delegate to county, state and national conventions. As a pro-life advocate, Karl has participated or helped organize annual events such as the March For Life, the Life Chain and 40-Days For Life (among others) since the early 90’s. He believes strongly in election integrity, has served in multiple elections as an election judge and is currently
active on the Fremont County Republican Party Central Committee. He is a degreed engineer with experience working for several major world-class manufacturers. Karl is a strong Second Amendment supporter and a member of several shooting clubs. Karl has an honorable discharge from the Texas State Guard at the rank of E-4 where he held three MOSs: 25C, 31B and 38B. As an officer, he volunteered seventeen years in the Civil Air
Patrol. He is a the father of three children, is a conservative Christian in regular, local church fellowship, and participates in short term missions. His patriotism is affirmed by membership and servings as an officer in several patriotic heritage societies and active participation as a living historian in local, state and national events.

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