Eight new school board candidate filings noted Friday across the county; One day left to file

    (Lander, Wyo.) – There is just one more day left for candidates to file for school boards, community college trustees and special district board elections. That day is Monday. All the candidates who have filed by Monday at the close of business will be on the General Election ballot in November.

    Friday’s candidate filings are noted in bold:

    FCSD#1 – Lander:


    Mark Haskins, Lander

    John F. Wood, Lander

    Jared Kail, Lander

    Karl Weller, Lander


    Michelle Escudero, Lander

    Lawrnde (Dee) Harrison, Lander

    Douglas L. Thompson, Lander


    Teresa Nirider, Lander


    FCSD#2 – Dubois:


    Melissa Claar, Dubois

    Jerry S. Falco, Dubois

    Adria Trembly, Dubois

    Erin Miller, Dubois

    Laurie Yaracz, Dubois, 2 year Unexpired Term


    FCSD#6 – Pavillion

    Dawn Leonhardt, Riverton

    Shane Sanderson, Kinnear

    Nick Schafer, Pavillion (Unexpired term)


    FCSD#14 – Ethete

    Carlton Underwood, Fort Washakie

    Elinor “Leta” Whiteman, Fort Washakie

    Rachel C. Grant, Ethete

    Sergio A. Maldonado, Sr. – Lander

    Mary Hereford-Armajo, – Fort Washakie


    FCSD#21 – Fort Washakie 

    Carla Mann, Fort Washakie

    Kathleen K.Ferris, Fort Washakie

    Orville St. Clair, Fort Washakie

    Kathryn Ferris Lone Fight, Fort Washakie

    Wayland K. Large, Fort Washakie – Unexpired Term

    Tex LeClair, Fort Washakie – Unexpired Term


    FCSD#24 – Shoshoni

    Jordan Whitener, Shoshoni

    Gavin Woody, Riverton

    David Maddock, Shoshoni

    Lynn Thompson, Shoshoni

    Dain Medow, Shoshoni

    Jennifer Gardner, Shoshoni

    Christopher Konija, Shoshoni


    FCSD#25 – Riverton

    Jody Ray, Riverton

    Jenni Wildcat, Riverton

    JJ (Jeremy) Hernandez, Riverton

    Paula Brownfield Shankle, Riverton


    FCSD#38 – Arapahoe:

    John Martin Goggles, St. Stephens

    Clarence Aragon, Sr.,  Fort Washakie

    Leslie Monroe, Riverton

    Preston J. Moss, Arapahoe

    June Shakespeare, Arapahoe

    Valaira W. Whiteman, St. Stephens


    Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 2

    Steven R. Peck, Riverton

    Craig Tolman, Riverton


    Central Wyoming College – Subdistrict 4

    Paula Hunker, Lander


    Lower Wind River Conservation District

    Ron Lucas, Arapahoe – Rural Supervisor


    Popo Agie Conservation District 

    Timothy Wilson, Lander – Rural Supervisor

    Fred Tammany, Lander – Rural Supervisor Unexpired term

    Arlen Lancaster, Lander – Urban Supervisor


    Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – 

    Michael J.Kenney, Dubois – At Large Supervisor

    Alicia D. Rux, Crowheart – Rural Supervisor

    Mary Ann Eastman – Urban Supervisor


    Mountain View Cemetery District

    Robert B. Davis, Riverton

    Barbara A. White, Kinnear

    Gerri Boesch, Riverton

    Rose Stanbury, Riverton


    Dubois Cemetery District

    Margaret L. Wells, Dubois

    Rosemary Graff, Dubois

    Bruce John Thompson, Dubois


    Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District

    Doris Reinert, Shoshoni

    David P. Manchester, Shoshoni

    Hazel Schaefer, Shoshoni

    Diane Gilbert, Shoshoni – (Unexpired term)


    Fremont County Fire Protection District

    John W. Campbell, Riverton

    Paul J. Downey, Shoshoni

    Jeff Young, Lander


    Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 3 Director

    Michael Codavilla, Dubois


    Wyoming Governor

    T-Rex Rammell, Rock Springs, Constitution Party

    Lawrence Gerard Struempf, Laramie, Libertarian


    Wyoming Secretary of State

    Kit Carson III, Cheyenne, Libertarian


    U.S. Senator 

    Joseph Porambo, Casper, Libertarian


    U.S. Representative

    Daniel Clyde Cummings, Casper, Constitution Party

    Richard Brubaker, Riverton, Libertarian


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