Dubois Invasive Species Watch; citizen science opportunity with iNaturalist

h/t Philip Precey via The Wildlife Trusts - Creeping Thistle

Dubois Invasive Species Watch is a Citizen Science Project to help land managers identify the extent of invasive plant species in the area surrounding Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area where many animals including bighorn sheep spend their winter. The project is set up through the app iNaturalist, and anyone can register and help. See more information and the PDF below for sign up details.

Bighorn sheep are a community-wide iconic wildlife species that depends heavily on intact winter range and migration corridors. Rapidly responding to invasive species infestations will help maintain habitat for this and other wildlife species in the area.


Habitat Biologist Amy Anderson believes “community members are out in these areas everyday and having extra eyes on the ground will help us be able to identify and quickly respond to invasive species infestations across the landscape and maintain intact habitats. It is invaluable for us to have citizens help on this.”

This effort is in partnership with the National Bighorn Sheep Center and is a result of the recent collabortaion focused on management concerns and opportunities in the Whiskey Mountain Bighorn Sheep herd.

You can find out how to sign up by viewing this document: Dubois Invasive Species Watch

h/t WGFD