Covid Vaccinations around Fremont County

    Fremont County Coronavirus Unified Command release:

    Fremont County Public Health along with Sage West Hospital and the Lander Medical Clinic are working together to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to Fremont County per the Wyoming Department of Health’s Phase 1a and 1b priority schedule.

    Over the last several weeks we have been working on Phase 1a groups and have completed inoculations of the priority groups in this phase. If you belong to one of the priority groups in Phase 1a and still need to be vaccinated, please call public health at 856-6979 or Nicki Urbigkit (SageWest) at 857-5243.


    We have started working on the phase 1b prioritizations Schedule and will continue to work through the priority groups as vaccines are available. If you are in Phase 1b priority group 1 and 2 (Fire, Police, Search and Rescue or Emergency Response) you can call Sagewest in Riverton or Lander and schedule an appointment for vaccination.

    If you are in priority group 3 of 1b (people who are 70 years of age and older and Funeral service personnel) please call the Lander Medical Clinic or Western Family Care to schedule your appointment. 

    Fremont County Public Health is also assisting vaccination of long-term care facility staff and assisted living facility staff to complete Phase 1a vaccinations. If you are not listed in these phases and would like the vaccine, please be patient and we will get to those that want it as further phases of the prioritization schedule comes out. 

    Fremont County has been informed by Wyoming State Public Health that vaccines will be arriving in Fremont County throughout January to complete 1a and 1b groups. The rate of lab confirmed COVID-19 cases in Fremont County is continuing to fall, however there is concern that the number of probable cases have not dropped as much. With a drop in the number of people being tested, there is concern that the number of active cases in Fremont County are being under-reported. If you have had contact with a known positive, please be tested.


    Fremont County Public Health continues to urge everyone to wear masks, social distance at 6 feet and use proper hand washing and sanitation techniques whenever possible.


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