Commissioners approve $9k for Riverton Rescue Mission

    (Lander, WY) – On Jan. 9, the Fremont County Commissioners approved an allocation of $9,000 from the general fund to the Riverton Rescue Mission to help develop a local shelter for the unhoused.

    The Riverton Rescue Mission needed to raise $25,000 for a feasibility study to gather data on potential donors, the amount of money they could possibly raise, how the community feels about the organization, if people are willing to spend time, money and energy, and looking at how our community will react to that.

    So far, they have had $5,000 donated to them from the Riverton Peace Mission, and another nearly $2,000 donated to them from individuals and other organizations. The City of Riverton also allocated $9,000 in unobligated funds contingent on a match from the Commissioners.


    Riverton Rescue Mission has partnered with Casper-based Wyoming Rescue Mission in hopes of building a successful and sustainable shelter.

    “We foresee our program as a long-term situation for them,” shared Riverton Rescue Mission Secretary Kara Hancock. “They would stay there. They would have responsibilities as part of their stay there. Different steps that they would take. And it’s part of that organization that Casper understands more in-depth. It’s meant to be treating the whole person instead of a bandaid on a gushing wound.”

    You can watch the full discussion below.


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