Bikers support bikers in Shoshoni Saturday

(Shoshoni, WY) – Members of local motorcycle organization chapters spent their Saturday at the intersection of US-20 and WY-789 with food, cold water, and conversation for fellow motorcyclists passing by.

This effort was organized by the Riverton chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA), Wyoming Spirit Riders, with support from the Big Bear chapter of Oilfield Ironmen Brotherhood.

“Being with this organization for so many years and being a fellow biking enthusiast, I really respect and honor the biking lifestyle,” said Andy Anderson, Wyoming Spirit Riders president.


“Coming back from an event as huge as Sturgis is if you can save them a tank of gas money and a free meal to get them home; to support their journey in life, and their experiences. That’s what it’s all about and caring about the people. Being the Christian Motorcycle Association that’s what we do. We just want to make sure people know that we love them. It’s hard to find that anymore in today’s world.

“We let people know that we do love them, we do care. If we can do anything in their life to make their life a little easier and happier. That’s what we do. So if we sit on the street for eight to 10 hours a day and wave and smile and give out information and sandwiches. So that’s our life. So that’s what we do.”

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