#healthyhabits by SageWest Health Care

    It’s football season! Here’s a heart-healthy bean dip to take to the next party

    Take your tailgating to the next level with this heart-healthy Greek Seven-Layer Dip!      

    Get creative with your workout. Here’s some ideas:

    Physical activity isn’t just for the gym. Look for "Random Acts of Fitness" throughout your day, like jumping jacks while your oatmeal is heating...

    #FoodieFriday: Need ideas for a quick and nutritious meal for the family?

    A new school year can mean busier routines and less time to get dinner on the table. Need ideas for a quick and nutritious...

    10 tips for staying cool and getting the most out of your summer workouts

    Keeping your motivation up for daily physical activity can be tough. Check out these 10 tips for staying cool and getting the most out...

    #FoodieFriday: Punch up your pizza night with some pizazz

    Courtesy of this Farmer’s Market Mushroom Flatbread.  

    #FoodieFriday: Family AND diabetes-friendly boneless barbecue wings

    Grab your family and friends for a summer movie night under the stars and tempt their taste buds with a healthy take on Boneless...

    Getting bored with your cardio routine? Switch things up!

    Nothing beats the heat like a dip in the water. Give the treadmill a break and switch up your cardio routine with some laps...

    #FoodieFriday: All the comfort, less the calories

    Cut the calories but keep the comfort with this unique spin on pot pie that uses phyllo dough for a crispy top crust!