April 14th Riverton City Council work session agenda

County 10 Photo - Riverton City Hall

Council Work Session – Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 7:00 pm – Riverton City Hall

“Excellence in Service to the Rendezvous City”


1) Call to order.

2) Pledge of Allegiance.

3) Invocation.

4) Roll call:
Ward I: Kyle Larson, Cory Rota
Ward II: Karla Borders, Rebecca Schatza
Ward III: Mike Bailey, Tim Hancock

5) Declaration of quorum.

6) Approval of the Agenda.

7) Community Services Contracts Presentation.

8) Adjourn.

The complete work session packet provided by the City of Riverton can be viewed here: 04-14-20 Council Work Session Packet