#WyoStrong: Tough Enough Cancer Fund of Fremont County

    Ed McClauslan, the former Fremont County Coroner, approached two Public Health Nurses to create a cancer support fund for Fremont County residents. Partnering with the Wind River PRCA Rodeo Committee on their Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night they were able to raise $65,000 during the very first fund auction in 2008.
    The auction items during the Wind River PRCA Rodeo Round Up Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night have always been a pair of chaps and a pair of chinks. The first auction items were a pair of pink fringed leather chaps donated by McClauslan and a matching pair of chinks donated by Bobby Lane. Occasionally, the chaps and chinks from previous year auctions are donated back and auctioned again. 
    Teresa Nirider, one of the funds’ founders shares there have been many donors, fundraisers, and events that have kept the fund going. Nirider estimates raising around $350,000 in auction monies since 2008. Nirider notes, “There is no other such cancer support fund in Fremont County.”
    The fund is now managed by Help for Health. A nonprofit located in Riverton. Help for Health manages the funds’ money and the application process. The fund assists Fremont County residents who are actively receiving cancer treatment by providing up to $750.00 in a 12-month period for the cost of living and travel expenses.

    July 30th, 2019 is the next auction at the Wind River PRCA Rodeo Round Up Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night. Nirider shares, “They will be honoring the late Sharon Campbell, who was a rodeo committee member herself and had assisted in fundraising for this fund, as well as Dr. Jim White, who also was one of our rodeo committee members. Both of these folks lost their battle with cancer this year.”

    Nirider notes if anyone would like more information on how to contribute, fundraise or volunteer they can contact Help for Health at (307) 856-1206.

    h/t Tough Enough Cancer Fund of Fremont County

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