#WyoStrong: Lander EMS crew credited with saving 10-year-old girl’s life

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    Release from Fremont County AMR:

    AMR Lander EMS crews received special recognition at the last Trauma Committee meeting at SageWest Hospital in Lander on Friday, July 19 for a call that saved the life of a 10-year-old girl.


    According to SageWest Trauma Coordinator Bralli Clifford, R.N.: “As a result of the amazing, efficient focused effort by the EMS Lander crew, a 10-year-old will likely survive her traumatic injuries.”

    On Wednesday, July 17, the Fremont County Sheriff’s department and five AMR EMS providers arrived on the scene of a 10-year-old girl who had been severely injured in an ATV accident.

    “I know they do things every day that save lives, and they don’t get enough recognition,” Clifford said. “I was there, and this is a great opportunity for us to acknowledge all that they do.”

    “They saved that little girl,” said Diane Lane, AMR Operations Manager. “The teamwork and dedication between all of them, working together…a quick scene time, getting her off-scene and to the hospital, EMS suggesting to the hospital to have a flight crew ready…their efforts altogether showed that we all here for the same mission, and that is to provide the best patient care.”


    Clifford commented that EMS crews are often the “unsung heroes” in both the health care and communities of Fremont County at large. “We have a bad habit of giving a lot of negative feedback and not a lot of positive,” she said. “Without what EMS did on-scene, the patient would have died.”

    Recognition was given to the five EMS providers (Pictured below, L-R): Matthew Doi, Paramedic; James Campbell, EMT-B. Amber Henning, AEMT; Cody Woodward, EMT-I; William Stivers, EMT-B, and James Campbell, EMT-B.

    Matthew Doi has been a Paramedic for about a year and a half and has worked in EMS in Fremont County for about seven years.


    James Campbell has been an EMT for two years and has worked in Fremont County for one year. “Thank you for the acknowledgment; it means a lot,” he said, “and thanks to everybody here. You all did great, too.”

    AEMT Amber Henning has been an EMS provider for ten years and has been working in Fremont County for two years.

    EMT-I Cody Woodward has been an EMS provider in Fremont County for 23 years.


    Will Stivers has been an active EMT for only four months. “I’m just really glad I had such a great team that day to help me through what was definitely the craziest call to date.”

    The Trauma Committee stood and applauded the crew. “Once again, thank you,” Clifford said. “You don’t get enough credit from everyone. I think what you did was amazing.”


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