#WyoStrong: From St. Stephens to Singing Sensation; Abraham Thomas is chasing his dreams

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    Fremont County football fans remember the name, Abraham Thomas. In fact, non-football fans likely remember Abe.

    Thomas had a big impact on the community. A menacing defensive tackle for RHS, yes, but off the field a humble, kind person, who went out of his way to help others.


    In the late 1990’s Thomas attended St. Stephens Indian High School. At that time, the Eagles did not have a football team. That was a blessing for Riverton High School, as he became eligible to play for the Wolverines. Thomas helped the Wolverines win state championships, he was picked as an “All-Stater” in 1999, and ultimately received a scholarship offer to play college football.

    “Long story short, it didn’t work out for me,” said Thomas about his potential college experience. “I went back home to the Reservation, but nothing was going there for me. I moved to Utah in 2005 because I felt in order to better my life, I needed to move away.”

    The process of a “better life” took its time for Abe. “I went homeless for about three months. I found a job to provide for myself and found a place to live. I bounced around from job to job many times and I wanted to go back home, but there was nothing for me there. I did a lot of growing up and met my wife while doing so. We now have four beautiful kids.”

    Thomas is still in Utah, raising his family, and working hard to support them. He works full time at Costco, but focuses on his true passion, music, when he can. “I’ve been pursuing music on and off for about 12 years now.  I’m more motivated than ever to go all-in, but financially, I can’t. It’s a long process sometimes, but I get it done. I do my music part-time because of my job and I hope someday to do it full-time.”


    His re-dedication to music in 2018 has helped him cope with perhaps the darkest chapter of his life. Last year, Abraham was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. “I was in a very dark place with my life and almost committed suicide. I wasn’t successful in doing so, and I’m so grateful I’m still here.” He wound up seeking help and learned of his anxiety and depression, and how to fight it. “I like to call it fighting with depression, because I feel that the more I fight, the more I heal. My friends and family would ask what they could do to help, I told them to just love me. Letting someone know that you care for them can help in a lot of ways.”

    The fight led Thomas to create a new song. “Love Me Today” was written as a piece of Abe’s journey to where he is now, and a message of hope to anyone needing one.

    “The song was prompted from that time in my life. I’m not looking to get famous or to be rich from this song, but only to share a message for my people back home and to tell them to find how important they are for themselves and for others around them. I want this song to reach so many people not only at home but around the world.”


    Thomas said he hopes the message helps others that are stuck “in darkness.” He encouraged everyone to, “Share your feelings, live life, and love life.

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