Wind River Basin snowpack drops to 72% of median

    As of March 8th, Wyoming’s snowpack/snow water equivalents (SWEs) has decreased to 89% of median, according to a report from Wyoming NRCS Hydrologist Jim Fahey. Last year, the state median average was at 113%.

    Yellowstone Basin has the highest at 106% and South Platte Basin currently has the lowest at 30%. Check out the map below.

    The following table shows the percent of median for March 8th, the 2 previous weeks, one year ago, and two years ago for Wyoming basins.


    The map may differ slightly from the table depending upon how many stations were reporting at the time. This report and a map displaying basin SWE percentages of median for the state may be found here.

    For information on the use of median vs. average click here.

    Precipitation is expected starting this week. Check out the forecast below.


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