White shirt – Black Tie – Bringolf Branding

    Irons in the fire – h/t Randy Tucker

    In 2006, John and Sharon Bringolf held their first “White Shirt – Black Tie” branding at their place on Burma Road. Their son LJ (Little John) built corrals across the road from the original place and this year’s event in honor of John’s late partner Chip Hicks went off well despite an early morning accident that sent their friend Brad Dalley on an ambulance run to Riverton after a horse wreck.

    The ambulances created a break in the action – h/t Randy Tucker

    “Chip and I had a couple of them in 1992 and ‘93 when we were partners,” John said. “It originated in Pinedale, that’s where Chip got the idea.”

    Sharon Bringolf manning the Mimosa station – h/t Randy Tucker

    It has become an annual event in honor of Chip, as a memorial to him.

    John’s herd enters the corral – h/t Randy Tucker
    Fascinated by her first branding – h/t Randy Tucker
    Ed Rowles drags a calf to the kids – h/t Randy Tucker
    John’s cattle coming off the pasture – h/t Randy Tucker
    Casey Albright trailing cattle – h/t Randy Tucker
    Turning LJ’s herd into the corral – h/t Randy Tucker
    Sarah Lowe “Sagebrush Sara’ – h/t Randy Tucker
    Katelin and Morgan enjoying the action – h/t Randy Tucker
    Tyler Murphree and his boys horsing around – h/t Randy Tucker
    John Bringolf greeting his friends at the White Shirt – Black Tie branding – h/t Randy Tucker

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