What can a Hand Therapist do for me?

    Human hands are unique. No other creature in the world has hands that can grasp, hold, move, and manipulate objects like human hands. They are one of your greatest assets. And, as such, must be protected and cared for.

    At Fremont Therapy Group we have two physical therapists who are certified in hand therapy. Click the video to hear from their patients about the importance of hand therapy.


    Kris Nelson, PT, MPT, CHT and Mitch Johnson, PT, MPT, CHT are both Certified Hand Therapists (CHT). A CHT has the expertise to treat patients with upper extremity issues and must earn certification through the National Association of Certified Hand Therapists. In addition, CHT’s must be licensed physical or occupational therapists for a minimum of three years, have at least 4,000 hours of clinical experience working with upper extremity conditions, and pass a rigorous certification exam, making this one of the more difficult certifications to achieve.

    “One thing that’s enjoyable as a physical therapist and CHT is that we have the ability to treat the whole body. So, with that, we might see someone with an upper extremity issue that might be related to a neck problem beyond the shoulder into the thoracic spine, things like that. So the enjoyable thing for me is to assess that and say, okay we need to work on the shoulder elbow but also we can then pursue other areas such as the back or anything else that might be related to the issue that is related to the whole body,” said Mitch Johnson, PT, MPT, CHT.


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