WATCH: Virtual tour of the Dubois fish hatchery

Check out the Dubois fish hatchery virtual tour in the video below. A little more insight into the hatchery is also provided below the video by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The Dubois Fish Hatchery is located right at the base of the Whiskey Mountain bighorn sheep winter range. The hatchery was built in 1940, but the hatchery was completely remodeled in 2006. The update transformed an aging facility into a state of the art high production facility utilizing a partial reuse recirculation system. This is critical due to the limited water supply available at the location.

The facility produces on average nearly 30,000 pounds of fish on an average inflow of just 400 gallons per minute of flow. Prior to the remodel the facility produced around 12,000 pounds of fish on 1,600 gallons per minute. Converting the hatchery from a standard flow through system into a partial reuse recirculation system has allowed the hatchery to produce nearly triple the amount of fish on 25% of the original flow of water. On average, a total of 500,000 fish are reared for stocking annually.


The Dubois fish hatchery is the only hatchery in Wyoming that hatches and rears arctic grayling. The eggs come from a wild population of grayling in Meadow Lake near Pinedale, Wyoming. The Dubois hatchery raises a number of other species as well, which include brook trout, brown trout, eagle lake rainbow trout, fall rainbow trout, fire hole rainbow trout, and Wyoming’s four native cutthroat trout.

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