Updated seats for the 2020 general filings as of August 13th

The 2020 general candidate filings are underway until August 24th at 5:00 pm.

The latest filings shared below are in bold.

Fremont County School District Board of Trustees:

  • Fremont County School District #1 (Lander): Taylor Jacobs, Scott Jensen, Kathy Hitt
  • Fremont County School District #2 (Dubois): Rebecca Harmon, Laurie Yaracz
  • Fremont County School District #6 (Wind River): Van Hill, Angela McCann
  • Fremont County School District #14 (Wyoming Indian): Emery’l LeBeau, Rich Singer, Francene Shakespeare
  • Fremont County School District #21 (Fort Washakie): Wayland Large, David Snyder, Bonnie Washakie
  • Fremont County School District #24 (Shoshoni): Wedge Fike
  • Fremont County School District #25 (Riverton): Lynette Jeffres, Bruce Burg, Carl Manning
  • Fremont County School District #38 (Arapahoe): Charlene Brown, Theodore Bell Sr., Pat Moss, Leslie Spoonhunter

Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees:

  • Subdistrict 1: Ernie Over
  • Subdistrict 2: Nicole Schoening
  • Subdistrict 4: Shana Tarter

Special Districts:

  • Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – Rural Supervisor: Reg Phillips
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 1 Director: Larry Wilke
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 2 Director: Peter Wendell
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 4 Director: Reg Phillips
  • Mountain View Cemetery District – Director: Michael Martin
  • Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District – Director: Shirley Johnson, Melinda McKee, Cheryl Hood
  • Popo Agie Conservation District – At Large Supervisor: Justin Loyka
  • Popo Agie Conservation District – Urban Supervisor: Arien Landcaster
  • Lower Wind River Conservation District – Rural Supervisor: Richard Denke
  • Fremont Fire District – Director: James Downing

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