Unvaccinated pets a problem in Fremont County – The Stock Doc urges pet owners to vaccinate

    The Stock Doc is urging everyone who has a pet to please vaccinate your pet for rabies.

    Their clinic has seen 6 cases within the past two weeks where animals have either been quarantined or euthanized due to the fact that the animals had not been vaccinated against rabies and had bitten someone. While several of these bites were serious, the animals would not necessarily have been euthanized had they been vaccinated against rabies.

    People often say, “My pet is an indoor pet so why should I vaccinate them?” The six cases The Stock Doc has seen are why….not to mention the fact that having your pet vaccinated against rabies is the law!

    Don’t risk your pet’s life over a $15 vaccine! There is no excuse for neglecting this extremely important vaccine.

    Contact your veterinarian today or call The Stock Doc at (307) 856-7764 or visit their website to request an appointment.


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