Thinking of hosting a party with underage drinking? Think again

    Would you believe us if we told you MOST Fremont County students have not drank before? Seriously, it is true! According to the 2018 Prevention Needs Assessment taken by Fremont County middle and high schoolers, 55.79% have never drank alcohol before. What is even more impressive, that’s over a 32% increase from 2008 to 2018.

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    So, if most Fremont County youth aren’t drinking what are they doing? They’re finding positive ways to engage with their friends, family, and community. In fact, the Fremont County Prevention Program has helped implement Sources of Strength in Fremont County schools. The Sources of Strength program helps students and community members alike find their strengths from the wheel below.

    Parents, are you listening up?


    Some parents believe that if their child is drinking under their supervision, nothing bad can happen. The exact opposite is true. It’s important to remember the potential damage alcohol and substance use can have on our physical health and mental wellbeing. The brain of a teen is not yet fully developed. Alcohol can alter this development, potentially affecting brain structure and function. It also makes the possibility of alcohol abuse 4 times more likely.

    The best decision a parent can make is to not make alcohol available to your child or their friends. This isn’t only a matter of safety, it’s the law.

    Wyoming Underage Drinking and Social Hosting Laws (


    Wyoming’s social hosting law is limited to underage drinking parties and requires an action by the underage guest, such as possession or consumption, to trigger a violation. The law covers residences or premises. Hosts must have knowledge of the premises being used for that purpose.

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