Thank you for the incredible community support!

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We are grateful for your support as SageWest Health Care as we continue to serve in our community fight against COVID-19. We appreciate your generosity during this critical time of need. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, we have received overwhelming support from our community.

Slider Gallery:

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Janet Nyberg Handmade masks
Leslie Calkins Headbands with buttons to wear with mask- ear relief
Carlos Gonzalez Homemade masks
Shirts and More Hero shirts
Sarah Jarvis Food for ER staff
Pony Espresso Coffee
Becky Elliott N95 Masks
Artery Construction/ Joe and Kristy Artery Lander Bake Shop muffins
Vickie Meredith Oranges
Mr. D’s Paper bags
Taylor Alexander Beard challenge coffee mugs
Missy White Community support
Dot Newton Community support
Kelly Rees Paper bags and shower caps
Margaret Nebeker Masks
Muressia Barham and son Andrew Pediatric masks
Whiskey Mountain Engraving- Mike Strasser Mask clips, face shields
Jewel Shatto Homemade headbands and masks
Bob and Sharon Campbell Buttons and thread for homemade masks
Judy Carpenter Buttons and thread for homemade masks
Cheryl Wilson Buttons and thread for homemade masks
Laurie Meeks Buttons and thread for homemade masks
Tammy and Shane Green Cinnamon rolls
China Garden Lunch
Sumi and Don Gullickson Homemade filtered masks
Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition Medical supplies: gloves, N95 and tyvek suits
Riverton Senior Center Gloves
Riverton Medical District Breadboard lunch

Thank you, again, for your support as we work to fight the spread of COVID-19.