Talk in the 10: ‘Patrolling really does work’

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    On Friday, October 27th, the DUI Task Force conducted an operation in Riverton. Mayor Hancock explained the operation as an “increased enforcement with the goal of reducing drunk driving in Fremont County.” In other words, they had a higher number of police cars on patrol that night. RPD reported 62 traffic stops and only 2 calls to dispatch. They also reported that “no crashes or roadway fatalities occurred in the area during the event.”

    If you read my letter to County 10 Sept. 8, 2023,  “Give me the first ticket” you will see that I am particularly interested in more patrolling in Riverton. I have to admit when I read about the success, I amused my daughters who watch Liv and Maddie with a “Bam! What!” Patrolling really does work.


    According to Kyle Butterfield in a Press Release on August 18, 2023, the Riverton police were granted a pay raise to “address cost of living.” And in August, the council gave a “retention incentive for patrol officers.” A County 10 article stated, “While swearing in a new officer on September 5, 2023, Mayor Hancock commented on the recent talk and discussion about the police department.” Hancock stated, “Since last Monday (August 30), we’ve had 16 applications.” The City Staff and Council were excited to see their efforts result in 2 new officers in just a few short months.

    To my extreme pleasure, it seems that my dream of having more patrolling on the streets of Riverton might actually start to happen. It would also seem to me that the Riverton City Staff and Council are on the right track toward ensuring the safety of Riverton and all its residents. I might even add, “That sexy Mayor knows what he is doing. Love you, Honey.”

    Kara Hancock 


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