Talk in the 10: If your dog injures me, I will sue

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    Dear Editor and Community,

    A recent post about a dog bite on LanderTalk has caused me to write what I’ve been holding back for years. And that is: A plea for people to control, train, and/or restrain their dogs.


    I can’t count how many times I have been attacked walking around. My pants have been ripped, I’ve needed medical attention for a serious bite, and even suffered a broken bone because of a negligent dog owner.

    These dogs, most times, are in the presence of their owner when the incidents occur. They can happen when I am not on or near the owner’s property. Often, I’m innocently walking on an opposite sidewalk minding my own business (with no dog of my own to entice), when a canine comes barrelling out of its yard and flying across a street to attack.

    I can’t imagine if I was younger, smaller, or more vulnerable what tragedies would occur, but I am at the point of seeking damages and pursuing euthanasia instead of always letting it go.

    Please, Folks, don’t let it come to this! Dogs WANT to be trained and obedient—that’s what they’re bred for. I have owned or sat dogs all my life. Hire a trainer if you can’t do it yourself. 


    And realize that even a sudden attack with no bodily harm is both terrifying and traumatizing to an individual, young and old.

    Tina Jayroe


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