A series to share #smiles across our community through the achievements of our local youth, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental.

Central Wyoming College hosted the annual Wolsborn-Drazevich Memorial Wyoming State Math Contest on March 15th.


195 middle school and high school students from across Fremont County attended. Schools from Riverton, Lander, Shoshoni, Wyoming Indian, St. Stephens, and Wind River sent their top math students.

Contests were 5 rounds of 20-minute testing with challenging math questions. Students received 20 points for correct responses, -5 for incorrect responses, and 0 for no response.

The top placers from the contest received prizes and scholarships. Their scores were also sent to the state level where they may be up for additional prizes and scholarships.

Photos and winners listed below!

Name Grade Place School
Felicity Olsson 7 1st Lander Middle School
Emily Anderson 7 2nd Lander Middle School
Jacob Shao 7 3rd Riverton Middle School
Garrick McDonald 7 4th Riverton Middle School
Benjamin Kulow 7 5th Lander Middle School
Sean Fraser 7 6th Riverton Middle School
Annika Wilmot 7 7th Lander Middle School
Nicholas Long 7 7th Lander Middle School
Bodie Jensen 7 9th Shoshoini Middle School
Owen Sweeney 7 10th Lander Middle School
Joshua Goodrich 8 1st Lander Middle School
Matisse Weaver 8 2nd Lander Middle School
Riley Chesmore 8 3rd Lander Middle School
Kade Gabrielson 8 4th Riverton Middle School
Gage Gose 8 5th Lander Middle School
Marlee Jones 8 6th Lander Middle School
Dylan Huelscamp 8 7th Lander Middle School
Shayla Babits 8 8th Lander Middle School
Wyatt Frazier 8 9th Riverton Middle School
Shaycen King 8 10th Riverton Middle School
Brett Jones 9-10 1st Riverton High School
Eann Burns 9/10 2nd Lander Valley High School
Joe Goodrich 9-10 3rd Lander Valley High School
Madison Looper 9-10 4th Wind River High School
Garrett Link 9-10 5th Lander Valley High School
Ross Anderson 9-10 6th Lander Valley High School
Trynity Martinez 9-10 7th Wind River High School
Taylor Stevens 9-10 8th Riverton High School
Haley Spray 9-10 9th Lander Valley High School
Hazel Womack 9-10 9th Lander Valley High School
Sonny Robinson 9-10 10th Lander Valley High School
McKenzie Lilygren 11-12 1st Lander Valley High School
Alexa Mazur 11-12 2nd Lander Valley High School
Ryan Brinda 11-12 3rd Lander Valley High School
Li Platz 11-12 4th Lander Valley High School
Mia Cox 11-12 5th Lander Valley High School
Lily Gose 11-12 6th Lander Valley High School
Kaden Kellner 11-12 6th Riverton High School
Savannah West 11-12 8th Lander Valley High School
Bridgette Fullmer 11-12 9th Shoshoini High School
McCaden Anderson 11-12 10th Wind River High School
Sydney Parazoo 11-12 10th Shoshoini High School

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