Send the very best to represent Fremont County in Cheyenne – Lloyd Larsen is exactly that person

Paid for by Mark Larson.

“During this campaign, I have observed Rep. Lloyd Larsen exude the statesmanship, citizen outreach, and non-negative campaign-style he is known for. His opponent has chosen to “go negative” and is attempting to discredit Rep. Larson. His opponent has labeled this selfless and tireless true public servant a “good old boy.”

Shame on his opponent for leveling demeaning and undeserved labels on a man who has dedicated 100% of his time to effectively representing his District. His opponent inappropriately casts aspersions regarding Larsen’s acceptance of campaign contributions from industries that Larsen knows a great deal about…industries that know, no matter what, Larsen will vote what is best for the people of Lander and the state of Wyoming…not with special interests.

Being employed by one of the named groups that endorse and has contributed to Larsen’s campaign, I can attest he votes his district, his experience, and what’s good for the state…which is not always to the liking of my industry. But the important message here is that his opponent while boasting about his endorsement by labor union organizations that are truly self-interest oriented, he has the audacity attempting to throw a dark shadow on Larsen’s acceptance of contributions from business groups….groups that understand Larsen does his homework, understands small business, talks routinely and tirelessly with his constituents…all constituents, and has exceptional, broad-based experience and knowledge.

This experience guides Larsen’s policymaking with a target of creating jobs, diversifying a sustainable economy, closely monitoring the efficacy of quality of life programs that are truly an appropriate role of government (and necessary for economic development to succeed), and knowing first hand the multifactorial difficulties that lie ahead for Wyoming … not being ingratiated to labor unions.

Lloyd Larsen is respected statewide as Lander’s champion and is a rising star in the House leadership. He serves on the powerful Joint Appropriations Committee and has done good things for Lander and the state. His expertise and experience are needed now, more than ever, as Wyoming creates the “new normal” of its future.

His opponent needs to stop negative assaults and learn the statesmanship and the constituent/district/state dedication Lloyd Larsen demonstrates every day. Voters should reject Larsen’s opponent’s desperate name-calling inappropriate and shameful behavior and send the very best to represent them in Cheyenne. Lloyd Larsen is exactly that person.”  

This letter of support is authored and paid for personally by Mark Larson, a 14 year Wyoming lobbyist for the Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association, an industry he has been in for over 40 years. Larson is a former four-term rural state representative and former owner of truckstops in Colorado. 

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