#ScamAlert: Attention college applicants

    New college students are receiving admissions letters and scholarships this time of year. Among the letters from universities, many students may also receive offers for alleged student loans, scholarships, financial aid, and job offers. Some will charge a fee for things you could do by yourself, like filling out college applications, writing college essays, filling out the FAFSA (financial aid) form, or filling out job applications. Whether they end up providing the service once you’ve paid up is unsure, in many cases. If you hear any promotion of “just give us money and we’ll do the rest,” know that this is likely a scam. While some of the forms and applications can be difficult to get through, it is best to protect your personal information and fill them out yourself or with someone representing a reputable company.

    Be a fraud fighter! If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam.

    Report scams to local law enforcement. For help from AARP, call 1-877-908-3360 or visit the AARP Fraud Watch Network at

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